Who  A collective of formerly or currently undocumented artists manifesting, healing, and resisting through art.

What  A space to connect, envision, dream, and learn. 

Why  Being undocumented comes with limits, boundaries, and challenges you are told cannot be surpassed. We are aiming to normalize undocumented creatives manifesting the life/careers they want to encourage other undocumented artists and inspire them to follow their creative dreams.


1. By creating a chronicle of undocumented artists and their work to provide models of folks creating past and despite the limits of their identity while connecting them to folks eager to learn and embark on their creative journey. We provide resources, information, and workshops for members of the undocumented/migrant community. 

2. By showcasing artist's work and provided a space to connect and network.

3. By hosting workshops by undocumented artists for undocumented artists to pass on information, skills, and tips. Everything from this is how you silkscreen to this is how you apply for grants.