b o r d e r l e s s

Borderless was born from a desire to meet other people like me. Making art has been my medicine. It has helped me heal and feel fulfilled. It has given me the chance to love the work I do.

As an immigrant and first generation college student, I did not have many models of people like me pursuing creative work. Instead, I had a lot of expectations to succeed and take advantage of all the opportunities I had been given. To me, that meant being everything everyone else wanted except myself. It wasn’t until I started reading about other undocumented people following their dreams, that I began to question what my dreams were.

And, to keep it real, it wasn’t until I was hospitalized for depression, that I let myself ask what I wanted. It turns out, a lot of what I wanted was room to feel unapologetic. There is so much shame that is learned and internalized when you are undocumented. There is so much fear, that I forgot what it meant to live without it. The more I started meeting people online who I felt understood me without even knowing me, the more I felt the need to make room for meeting people like me.

I teamed up with Earth Arts Initiative to curate borderless, an exhibition highlighting the work of undocumented, immigrant, and migrant artists.  My goal was to bring current and upcoming artists together by creating a space to network, meet, and find inspiration. A space to be unapologetic. A space to feel a little less lonely. A space to share and grow. A space for stories, like mine, by those of us who aren’t often given the mic. Stories for us, by us.

Borderless is an exhibition celebrating, promoting and showcasing the art of migrant, immigrant and undocumented artists of color. The show will be up through the months of October 2018 and November 2018. For viewing and other questions email earthartsinitiative@gmail.com

Featuring work by: 


Diana Henriquez

Stephanie N. Stoddard Cortés

Darwin Erazo

M Erazo

Josue Esau Romero Velasquez

Rommy Sobrado-Torrico

Ibiene Minah

Kyung Eun You

Anna Vo

Pavel Acevedo

Sandra de la Rosa

Max Sarmiento

Esthefany Castillo

View the program here!