Resurrection of Badass Femmes

A collaboration with my favorite, FEMMEPREMACY, this two-part event was created from a need for space to heal. And there is definitely no better way to heal than to gather amongst community, share stories + shake your ass.

Femmepremacy and I started talking about heartbreak and all the ways femmes hold space for each other. During what seemed like a forever-lasting pisces season, we decided there was a big need for room to heal. And so, a Resurrection of Badass Femmes was born.


The Fuccboi Funeral was a zine release party. We decided that part of healing from heartbreak and pain is telling the stories of the fuccbois that hurt us. A fuccboi being any entity that oppresses us and brings us pain. We put a call out for “stories stories 📖 , thoughts 💭 , and poems 🎶 about 🔪 fuccbois, 💔heartbreak, + 🌻overcoming 🌻to share.”

Creating with Shayna (the mastermind behind Femmepremacy) is always a dream come true. She is incredible with words, has an eye for design, and is the queen of promoting. Needless to say, co-branding this event was a fucking blast! The flyers above were used to announce the first part of the event.

We were flooded with submissions for the zine. We got poems about the patriarchy, thoughts on heteronormativity, a fucboi funeral playlist, stories about heartbreak and so much more. During the release party, we had a reading of parts of the zine and shared other stories of femme resilience. The event was hosted at MetaDEN, a qtpoc centered healing incubator curated by/for People Of Color. You can purchase a digital/physical copy of the zine here.

Part of the promo for this event included a fun impromptu photo shoot. Did I mention that we planned this event in two weeks? Thats right, zine, workshop, party and all. Check out some of the photos below.


Nunya was the name of the QTPOC party hosted by Femmepremacy after the zine release. We used the photos from the shoot to promote the event further and create the flyer for the party.

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