sola travelers




By Womxn.

For Womxn.

Sola Travelers is a purpose driven travel company that provides womxn with a smarter way to plan their trips and a better way to experience the world.


The logo was inspired by a desire to reimagine travel and make it safe, smart, and connected.  We want to attract womxn who are passionate, driven, curious, and busy but love to travel and have fun. Sola Travelers is a community of women that empower each other. 

Compass  Reliable, secure, and timeless.  Meant to not only guide you, but also help you discover new places and new adventures. 

Sola Travelers and Insiders  are represented by the double ring O in SOLA. They are each unique, independent womxn (inner circle) who are part of a community that inspires them to follow their wildest dreams and see the world in different ways (outer circle).